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Standard Retirement Calculator
Input your personal and financial information, formulate your retirement objective and economic forecast in the Standard Retirement Calculator. The results will provide a savings plan before retirement, a detailed projection of your assets and an income forecast during retirement. You can try different scenarios and fine-tune your plan by adjusting your retirement income objective, planned retirement age, economic objectives, etc.

Standard Retirement Calculator
Basic Inputs:
Your province:  
Current age:
Current annual earnings: $
Planned retirement age:
Retirement Income Required to Age:
Current RRSP value: $
Dedicate Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) to Retirement:
Current TFSA value: $
Non-registered investments: $
Annual company pension: $
Government Pensions (CPP/QPP, OAS) as legislated today:
If Reduced Government Pensions, what level:
Retirement income replacement objective: %
Annual cost-of-living increases to retirement income:
Economic Assumptions:
Expected annual investment return, before retirement: %
Expected annual investment return, after retirement: %
Expected annual rate of inflation: %
Expected annual earnings growth: %
Assumptions behind this Calculator

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