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Post-Retirement Calculator
The major financial question facing those who are considering retiring soon or those who have retired is: "Will I have enough money?"  This Post-Retirement Calculator is designed for these people. It will help them determine a "ballpark" estimate of how much retirement income they may receive.

By inputting your personal and financial information into this Post-Retirement Calculator, you can compute your estimated total retirement income along with a detailed projection of your assets during retirement. It is designed to use your financial resources in such a manner as to provide you with as consistent a retirement income estimate as possible over your entire retirement period. You can try different "what if" scenarios to help you with your planning by adjusting your economic assumptions, the length of your retirement, etc.

Basic Inputs:
Your Province:  
Current Age:
Retirement Income Required to Age:
Current value of RRSPs/RRIFs: $
Value of Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs): $
Non-registered investments: $

Government Benefits:
Old Age Security (OAS):
Canada Pension Plan (CPP):
Monthly CPP Benefits Received Now:
Typical Income in Final Working Years
(for Estimation of CPP Benefits):

Company Pension (optional):
Annual Company Pension Benefit: $
Company Pension Timing:

Life Annuity Benefits (optional):
Annual Annuity Benefit Received: $
When Annuity Benefits Start:
Annuity Paid for Using:

Retirement Income:
Annual cost-of-living increases to overall retirement income:

Economic Assumptions:
Expected annual investment return: %
Expected annual rate of inflation: %
Assumptions behind this Calculator
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