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Company & Web Site Overview


RetirementAdvisor.ca Inc. (RAI), established in 2000, is a company of systems, financial services and education professionals. We have a long history of successfully delivering financial and software projects and products on time and on budget.

RAI's focus is developing online financial/retirement planning products and services for financial institutions and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

We provide custom developed online software solutions. In addition, we develop the content for communication and education programs in the areas of financial and retirement planning for sales forces, consumers and employer-sponsored retirement plan members. This includes brochures, booklets, manuals, presentations, seminars and courses.

Our clients include BMO InvestorLine and Sun Life Financial.

For more information, please contact:

Steve Martyn
RetirementAdvisor.ca Inc.

Tel: (647) 992-9378

E-mail: smartyn@retirementadvisor.ca

Web Site:

RetirementAdvisor.ca is a retirement planning Web site specifically designed to meet the needs of Canadians of all ages interested in planning for and enjoying a financially secure retirement.

The goal of RetirementAdvisor.ca is to be Canada's premier site for retirement information through a combination of easy-to-use calculation tools, a comprehensive learning centre and a directory of financial / retirement planners.

RetirementAdvisor.ca is designed to fill a void. While there is a lot of retirement information available online, it is scattered in pieces all over the Internet and is often not applicable to Canadians. The goal of RetirementAdvisor.ca is to provide a central source of unbiased information and tools from a Canadian perspective.
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